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Arizona, Nevada, & Utah Fee Schedule

(Effective October 15, 2019)


A flat fee of $10,000.00 per day will be charged for all cases in Arizona, Nevada and Utah, which is inclusive of all travel time and other travel expenses. A full day mediation session is approximately 8 hours. Mr. Roberts typically spends 2-3 hours reading mediation briefs before every mediation session and that expense is included in the daily flat fee.


Mr. Roberts normally spends time speaking with counsel and adjusters before and after mediation sessions, often meets with clients days or weeks after mediation sessions while continuing settlement discussions at counsel’s request, and prepares recommendations and proposed orders as either the mediator and/or the discovery referee. All such work is charged separately from mediation sessions at $695.00 per hour.


There are no administrative charges of any kind.


Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, fees will be divided equally among all participants and invoices will be sent before or after the hearing or at the end of the month. All invoices are due and payable upon receipt.

PLEASE NOTE: Mr. Roberts reserves the right to cancel any hearing where all fees have not been received timely by the stated due date. In addition, Mr. Roberts has been retained by counsel (not by the parties or insurance carriers) and therefore counsel is responsible for payment until received in full.


All continuances or cancellations must be requested in writing and copied to all parties. If a matter scheduled for one day or less is cancelled or continued 14 calendar days or less from the scheduled hearing date, the fee is non-refundable and due and payable by the party or parties requesting the action. If a multiday matter is cancelled or continued 30 calendar days or less from the hearing date, full payment for lost time is non-refundable and due and payable. No fees will be due for any portion of the vacated time filled by our office. When refunds are owed, we will deduct time expended prior to the notice of cancellation. All unused time reserved for mediation or arbitration sessions is non-refundable.

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