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May 2020 Heros of the Month – Michael and Matthew Lambton

For over 40 years, I have read Aviation Week & Space Technology at the urging of my beloved college professor, Dr. Harold W. “Bill” Rood.

During that time, AW&ST has had many gifted writers, but one of my all-time favorites has been Willam Garvey. As COVID-19 spread like a tsunami, Garvey penned a wonderful story about two kids he coached in Little League who grew up to play not only a significant role in aviation but also to use their skills to help treat hospitalized COVID patients.

This month, I honor Michael and Matthew Lambton. As Garvey points out, their success, their creativity and their caring demonstrate the importance of nurturing young people because they are the future of our country. Julie and I feel passionately about that cause and I have mentioned before, we are delighted to be major contributors to The Monarch School, and more recently have added Pro-Kids as well Barrio Logan College Institute to our list of worthy causes.

The following is a re-print of Garvey’s tribute:

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