Mediation Services by Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts provides these types of services:

Mr. Roberts specializes in mediating complex cases, particularly those involving construction disputes, professional liability, and insurance issues. He has mediated over 2,000 of these cases with a 95% success rate.

Mr. Roberts arbitrates complex cases in the same fields in which he mediates. He has handled dozens of large arbitrations.

Discovery Referee
Mr. Roberts provides discovery referee services in the fields listed above. He frequently acts in the dual role of a mediator and discovery referee upon the request and stipulation of the parties in large cases. This dual capacity facilitates a more coordinated and effective case management approach.

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Jim Roberts welcomes new mediations and arbitrations. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call his secretary Michelle Westerlund at (619) 239-8494. You may also reach Mr. Roberts at the same number.

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