Representative Sampling of Recent General Liability
Mediations / Settlements

  •    Largest wrongful death construction accident case in
       Nevada history ($15,000,000)
  •    Wrongful death case involving teenager in private care facility
       for substance abuse ($4,000,000)
  •    Product class action involving 150,000 homeowners in Nevada
  •    DeAnza Cove / City of San Diego insurance coverage

  •    Landlord-tenant class action involving major REIT and
       3000 tenants
  •    Partnership Dissolutions and Fiduciary Duty Claims
    by professional corporations and business entities (settlements
       collectively over $25 million)
  •    Wrongful Termination Claims (including employees and
       minority shareholders) (settlements collectively over $10,000,000)
  •    Professional Malpractice ($40 million settlement
       involving alleged mishandling of development of master-planned
  •    Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Legal Malpractice Claim
       (involving beneficiary and lawyers for trust mishandling
       a multi-state family-owned real estate holding company)
  •    Real Estate Broker/Seller Disclosures cases ($5,000,000)
  •    Settlement of a Product/Design Defect Claim including
       Business Interruption loss involving large turbines in a wind tunnel
       facility ($4.0 Million)
  •    Settlement of a Contractual Dispute between a Bio-Diesel
       Manufacturer and its Main Supplier leading to a mutual-year
       contract renewal and the end of litigation between them
  •    Settlement of a Catastrophic Injury Claim involving a product
       design claim by a worker operating a machine used in
       manufacturing (total permanent disability and long-term medical
       treatment). Multi-million dollar settlement was partially structured
       for the benefit of the plaintiff.
  •    Numerous environmental law cases, including:
    • Federal Water Pollution Control Act /
      California Water Quality Control Act cases
      issues such as:
      • SWD's
      • NSWD's
      • California Toxics Rule
      • SWPPP
      • Industrial General Permits
      • NPDES Permits
      • DETX & RWQCD investigation and development of remediation plan
    • Multiple settlements in mold and air quality cases totaling over $20,000,000

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